EW updates on the DVD re-release of ''Casino'' -- We tell you what's new on the 10th Anniversary Edition

EW updates on the DVD re-release of ”Casino”

Five years after unspooling the bewitchingly violent GoodFellas — a film that influenced both indie films and rap videos — Martin Scorsese transported the tough-guy tag team of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci to the Las Vegas desert, where they descend into a world of greed, jealousy, and poly-blend suits. Casino may have seemed like a GoodFellas B side at the time, but it’s one of the breeziest three-hour flicks ever made, and the new extras on the 10th Anniversary Edition will likely satisfy the film’s growing cult audience. While there’s no official commentary, there are some piped-in cast anecdotes, and a too-brief interview with Sharon Stone is not to be missed (her hyper-dramatic sobbing while she talks about her Scorsese fixation is more engrossing than anything from her last 10 movies). But in an unfortunate example of digital-era overkill, this edition includes a shameless NBC ”news special” about Vegas mobsters that portrays ruthless killers as harmless ”family men.” Did they not see the scene with the guy’s head in the vise?