EW recommends tracks by Ellen Allien, Jim Boggia, Stevie Wonder, and the Giraffes

If you like scuffed-up electronica, you might be ”Open” to Berlin-based glitch maestro ELLEN ALLIEN. And if that tune appeals to you, further Thrills await you on her just-released CD. BPITCHCONTROL.DE/MUSIC

You can hear shades of Aimee Mann on JIM BOGGIA’s pensive ”Talk About the Weather.” Actually, you can hear Mann herself — and MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer — on his Safe in Sound. JIMBOGGIA.COM/FREESONG

When will it finally be A Time to Love STEVIE WONDER’s oft-delayed new CD? The label hasn’t firmed up a date, but you don’t have to wait to sample the first single, ”From the Bottom of My Heart.” ITUNES.COM

Brooklyn rockers THE GIRAFFES won’t be releasing their self-titled debut disc till July 12, but they’re sticking their necks out early with this preview tune. Are we ”Having Fun” yet? THEGIRAFFES.COM