MOVIES The DR was minding its own business when the phone rang and a deep voice muttered, ”Have you checked the children?” J.K.! Actually, a very sweet voice was on the line: Camilla Belle (The Ballad of Jack and Rose), just tapped to star as the harassed babysitter in a remake of 1979’s When a Stranger Calls — even though she’s never babysat. Still, ”there’s not gonna be blood and guts and some scary man walking around with an ax,” says Belle. ”It’s more psychological.”. . .Gerard McSorley (Veronica Guerin) has departed The Departed, a remake of the Hong Kong crime flick Infernal Affairs that Martin Scorsese is shooting. Reps for the film blame creative differences (McSorley wouldn’t comment); Martin Sheen now has the role. . . .Despite the obvious superiority of Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald is in negotiations for a Sixteen Candles sequel. Ooh, sexy girlfriend!

TELEVISION Kevin Spacey’s role in the TLC tale-of-three-internships Going Hollywood has been greatly exaggerated. While one up-and-comer will work with his Trigger Street Productions (the other two with the companies of Robert Evans and Method Man), the gig is in L.A., and Spacey hangs in London. A rep says although he might pop up in the series, ”it would be misleading to say that he will be mentoring the intern.”. . .Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to TV with a sitcom CBS just picked up for midseason: Old Christine. It’s about ”an anxiety-ridden single mom who’s trying to do the right thing by her kids,” says the former Elaine Benes. Turns out, JL-D was developing a similar script herself when this showed up. ”I got a great deal of good luck there,” she says. Either that or people are going through her garbage. ”Which reminds me to heighten the security around my house.”