Are his feelings for Katie legit? Was he too harsh on Brooke Shields? And is all his talk about Scientology affecting his career? Cruise answers those questions
Tom Cruise
Credit: Tom Cruise Photograph by James White

Tom Cruise doesn’t jump up on the sofa. He doesn’t fall to his knees and pound his fists on the floor. He doesn’t even try to wrestle anyone out of a chair. Instead, he sits in his spacious office on the Paramount lot on this late afternoon in early June (just a few weeks before the premiere of War of the Worlds) and stays put for a full hour. Mostly put. Put enough, at least, to answer a few questions about some of the recent events in his life (his acrobatics on Oprah over a certain Dawson’s Creek actress, that fight he picked with his former Endless Love costar on Access Hollywood, his increasingly public pronouncements on the evils of psychiatry) that have been perplexing many of the people of Planet Earth lately. On the following pages, Cruise explains everything…and then some.