Michael Jackson returns to hospital. On the eve of the fourth full day of jury deliberations, he undergoes ''routine treatment'' for back spasms

As jurors continue to deliberate over his fate, Michael Jackson has sought treatment at Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital in Solvang, Calif., for the third time in a week. The singer’s spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, said in a statement that the 46-year-old spent a few hours at the hospital Wednesday for ”routine treatment” of back spasms that have pained him throughout the months-long trial and for which he had also visited the hospital over the weekend.

Bain’s circumspect statement came in the wake of a controversy over whether she or other Jackson associates have violated the gag order imposed on all the principals in the trial. According to the Associated Press, Jackson’s lead defense attorney, Thomas Mesereau, issued a statement on Wednesday saying he had not authorized anyone to give press conferences on his client’s behalf. Bain said Mesereau’s comments, aimed at reassuring the court that Jackson’s team had abided by the gag order, were not directed at her, that she said nothing without Mesereau’s authorization, and that she spoke only about Jackson’s health and not the details of his legal battle. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has offered moral support to the singer (who is not related) and spoken about him in recent interviews, said that Mesereau wasn’t referring to him either, though he said the lawyer had expressed concerns to him. The clergyman said he’d been speaking on his own initiative and that the court should not consider him a spokesman for the pop star.

Jury deliberations were set to continue on Thursday for a partial day, Reuters reports, because at least one juror was scheduled to attend a family member’s graduation ceremony. At the end of the day Wednesday, the jury had debated the charges for 20 hours over four days.