Here's what to watch for during the MTV Movie Awards -- Fallon frolics, Tom and Katie canoodle, Brat Packers resurface, and Eminem plays with giant puppets
Eminem, MTV Movie Awards 2005
Credit: Eminem: Kevin Mazur/

Though the official theme of the14th annual MTV Movie Awards is ”behind the scenes at the movies,” the apparent theme — given the show’s tributes to Napoleon Dynamite and Mean Girls, not to mention an homage to The Breakfast Club — is high school misfits. After all, isn’t Hollywood, with its cliques, gossip, and short-lived romances, just like high school with Botox? Judge for yourself, as you watch showbiz’s homecoming kings and queens celebrating themselves in the gym — er, the Shrine Auditorium — at the 2005 ceremony, which was taped on June 4 and will premiere on MTV on June 9 at 8:30. Here are some highlights to watch for:

The movie parodies Some of the most memorable moments from MTV Movie Awards past have been these pretaped bits, which poke fun at the summer’s big releases. This year, the show opens with a parody of Batman Begins featuring Napoleon nerd extraordinaire Jon Heder. Also watch for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s mockery of their own upcoming comedy, The Wedding Crashers and the inevitable Star Wars spoof.

Jimmy Fallon The former Saturday Night Live funnyman is hyperactive and ubiquitous. Look for him in the Batman and Star Wars segments. Watch as he starts a fight with the offstage announcer. Gasp as he feels up Sandra Bullock. If you come back next year, Jimmy, lay off the lattes before the show, man.

The spectacle that is TomKat’s love The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Public Display of Affection Marathon continues here, as the Batman Begins star presents the first-ever MTV Generation prize to her new beau, in recognition of the War of the Worlds star’s long run as a youth-appeal movie icon. Keep an eye out for Nicole Kidman, who also presents at the show, as she struggles to keep from rolling her eyes on camera.

Best Kiss Cruise and Holmes aren’t the only pair ardently displaying their affection on the show. The Best Kiss category (a staple of the MTV Movie Awards, though curiously overlooked by the Oscars and Golden Globes) is always hotly contested. Watch for the prizewinning couple to reenact their screen smooch, a tricky maneuver that involves a running leap. That’s worth not just a popcorn-bucket trophy but also a 5.7, at least, from the Olympic judges.

Serving up Breakfast. The Breakfast Club was the quintessential high school movie, it introduced the Brat Pack, and it made us swear off Cap’n Crunch forever — all good reasons to pay tribute to the film on the 20th anniversary of its release. Also, it offers an excuse for relative newcomers Yellowcard to cover Simple Minds’ theme song from the movie, ”Don’t You (Forget About Me).” Three of the five Club members are on hand to bask in the applause of people too young to be nostalgic for 1985. The other two are apparently still in detention.

The music Sure, a bejeweled Mariah Carey appears regal as she offers up her new hit ballad ”We Belong Together.” And Foo Fighters’ roaring rendition of ”Best of You” will make you forget that the rockers were called in as a last-minute replacement for Nine Inch Nails, who dropped out after MTV vetoed Trent Reznor’s plan to turn his performance into an anti-Bush protest. But the real jaw dropper here is Eminem, who performs his medley of ”Ass Like That” and ”Mockingbird” amid an onstage mosh pit populated by busty, life-size puppets, apparently the mutant offspring of Crank Yankers and Avenue Q. Somewhere, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is smiling.