In the Shadow of the Law


In the Shadow of the Law is a novel about a law firm, but readers searching for Grisham-type machinations should look elsewhere. Kermit Roosevelt, a University of Pennsylvania law professor, has produced something altogether deeper and more satisfying. Morgan Siler is a behemoth firm, the type of place where the lawyers don’t sleep and, if they must, there’s an office with cots at their disposal. When two major cases — a pro bono death-penalty appeal and a lawsuit brought against a chemical company client — hit the firm at the same time, several intricately sketched associates find themselves both reveling in and second-guessing their dedication to the law. Shadow masterfully captures the culture of a legal factory: the competitive atmosphere, the overwhelming workload, and the give-and-take between what is right and what is best for clients.

In the Shadow of the Law
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