Macaulay Culkin pleads guilty to drug possession -- He's given a deferred one-year sentence on each charge and is fined $540
Macaulay Culkin
Credit: Macaulay Culkin: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/NewsCom

It was Macaulay Culkin’s second time in a courtroom in a month, this time on his own behalf. The former child star, who testified a few weeks ago for Michael Jackson’s defense, was in Oklahoma City on Wednesday to plead guilty to two misdemeanor drug possession charges, one for possessing medication without a prescription and the other for marijuana. The 24-year-old was given a one-year deferred sentence on each charge and was assessed $540 in court costs.

Culkin was charged last September when he was a passenger in a car that Oklahoma City police pulled over for speeding. A search of the car turned up a black bag Culkin offered to open; police said they found eight tablets of Xanax anti-anxiety medication and just over half an ounce of pot inside.

Still, even the prosecution appeared willing to cut the former child star some slack, according to the Associated Press. Even before coming to court Wednesday, Culkin had already completed his probation requirements and passed a drug and alcohol test, Assistant District Attorney Greg Mashburn said. ”This was a rare circumstance for Mr. Culkin,” prosecutor Mashburn said. ”He was not an abuser.”