You’d think you’d know what you’re in for when the credits sequence traces the reproductive journey of killer-doll sperm. Still, though self-referential to the point of inanity, the fifth Child’s Play film reveals a genuine braininess behind gory effects that are more silly than scary. In a conceit worthy of Charlie Kaufman — okay, maybe Donald Kaufman — Bride of Chucky‘s Jennifer Tilly, now playing herself, gamely delivers lines like ”I’m an Oscar nominee, for chrissakes, now I’m f—ing a puppet” and dishes about Bound costar Gina Gershon. Cinehipsters will no doubt appreciate that Chucky makes air quotes and that his gender-confused spawn resembles art-rock diva Laurie Anderson. EXTRAS Those interested in a movie called Seed of Chucky will be satisfied with no less than the unrated — um, ”fully extended” — version. There’s the usual array of goodies (storyboards, a ”slashed” scene, featurettes), but the highlight — witty commentary by Tilly and writer-director Don Mancini — references tasty deleted sequences not included here (what gives?). During a TV clip from the mun2 channel, an interviewer asks Tilly, ”It’s more comedy than humor now, right?” That’s certainly an intriguing way to put it.

Seed of Chucky
  • Movie
  • 87 minutes