Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, ...
Credit: Louis & Clark: Kobal Collection

Superman’s tights clinging to Dean Cain’s buff bod, the Daily Planet’s intrastaff rivalries, Lex Luthor’s shady dealings…all decent reasons to relive Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman — The Complete First Season. But the real soul of the show is Teri Hatcher, as the icy reporter whose heart melts only for her superhero. ABC’s fantasy-dramedy captured Lois’ side of the classic comic-book tale, thanks to the quirky ingenue’s scene-stealing ability to display steely strength one minute, snappy comic timing the next, and gooey romanticism after that — the same killer combo that’s helped Hatcher grab the most attention (not to mention the Golden Globe) among Wisteria Lane’s fetching Desperate Housewives. Once you get past how unforgivably dumb our otherwise sharp Lois must be not to figure out that Clark is Superman, it’s a joy to watch her fall so obsessively for a man she knows nothing about. . .kinda like watching Susan fall for mysterious plumber/criminal Mike a decade later.

EXTRAS We’ll rescue you from the for-diehards-only pilot commentary by giving you the highlights: (1) Hercules‘ Kevin Sorbo was a contender for Cain’s role; (2) Cain looks good with his shirt off. The documentary is also strictly for completists, and the bit on visual effects — given how cheesy they look by today’s standards — is more funny than fascinating.