Jules and Jim


François Truffaut’s third feature, Jules and Jim, follows two friends (Oskar Werner, Henri Serre) and their mutual passion for the irresistible, unstable Catherine (Jeanne Moreau). The fabulistic narration and semblance of an old photo album in motion mirror the quaint, exhilarating whimsy driving the triangular relationship to its heart-shattering end. EXTRAS A doc with friends and relatives of the characters’ real-life inspirations offers sympathy for the volatile Catherine. A joint track splicing crew anecdotes with a scholar’s film analysis is enlightening, if occasionally erratic. But the true highlight: segments from 15 years of interviews with Truffaut. It’s the director’s extraneous insights — his discomfort with color (regarding his Fahrenheit 451), his need to process reality through artifice — that deliver an overwhelming chronicle of the movies, the methods, and the master himself.

Jules and Jim
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