Ensemble chick flicks: ”Waiting to Exhale”

THE PREMISE Four fashionable gal pals living in Phoenix bond over their man problems in this hit adaptation of Terry McMillan’s best-selling novel.

THE LEADING LADIES Angela Bassett as The Woman Scorned, Whitney Houston as The Wild Child, Lela Rochon as The Vamp, and Loretta Devine as The Mother Hen

THE SCOUNDREL Take your pick: With Dennis Haysbert, Michael Beach, and the uni-monikered Leon all playing philandering husbands, and Mykelti Williamson showing up as a sticky-handed dope addict, there’s no shortage of men to bring heartbreak and drama to the heroines’ lives.

YOU’LL LAUGH… When Michael (Wendell Pierce) invokes a certain Destiny’s Child song title while in bed with Robin (Rochon)

YOU’LL CRY… When a had-it-up-to-here Bernadine (Bassett) fills husband Beach’s car with all his possessions, adds a little gasoline to the mix, and starts one seriously raging bonfire. (You might find yourself cheering a little, too.)

FUN FACT Exhale‘s co-screenwriter, Ronald Bass, also penned the script for The Joy Luck Club.

WHAT EW SAID ”Devoted fans of the book will heave a sigh of relief for this Exhale, since, despite its flaws, it remains an exhilarating blast.” (Read the review)

Waiting to Exhale
  • Movie
  • 127 minutes