Sally Field, Dolly Parton, ...
Credit: STEEL MAGNOLIAS: Everett Collection

Ensemble chick flicks: ”Steel Magnolias”

THE PREMISE A group of close-knit Southern women congregate at the local hair salon, turning to each other for support as they experience life’s highs (a wedding), lows (a funeral), and all the wacky high jinks in between.

THE LEADING LADIES Sally Field as The Survivor, Dolly Parton as The Mother Hen, Shirley MacLaine as The Grouch, Olympia Dukakis as The Gossip, Daryl Hannah as The Wallflower, and Julia Roberts as The Ill-Fated Beauty

THE SCOUNDREL None, really — the worst crimes committed by this film’s men are ones borne of cluelessness and inherent maleness.

YOU’LL LAUGH… Pretty much every time Ouiser (MacLaine) opens her mouth — particularly during a scene involving a trunk full of eggs and a very naughty bird

YOU’LL CRY… When Shelby (Roberts) announces to her mother (Field) that, despite the risk it poses to her as a serious diabetic, she’s gotten pregnant — and she’s keepin’ her baby

FUN FACT In its original incarnation as an off-Broadway play, Steel Magnolias had not a single male character.

WHAT EW SAID ”What makes this film so endearing [is] the sassy repartee between [its stars].” (Read the video review)

Steel Magnolias
  • Movie
  • 117 minutes