The Agronomist

Jonathan Demme’s unsettling film The Agronomist is resonant and galvanic, all the more powerful because he’d been following the life of Haitian icon Jean Dominique since 1986 — not just in response to Dominique’s brutal and presumably political assassination in 2000. Dominique was a deeply dedicated activist and owner of Radio Haiti Inter, an unrepentant voice of dissent in his country’s turbulent history. Demme’s cameras can barely contain Dominique’s image, his passionate courage was so molten within him: He leans out of frame, lights up with outrage, drives home his points with an intensity of expression all his own. Demme traces Haiti’s political history smoothly, and doesn’t shy away from the U.S.’ complicity in the military thuggery. Though there must have been a wealth of material, no EXTRAS are included.

The Agronomist
  • Movie
  • 90 minutes