Actors board all-star ''Poseidon'' remake. Josh Lucas, Emmy Rossum, Kurt Russell, and Richard Dreyfuss will sail on the capsized cruise ship

Stars are rushing across the gangplank to board the soon-to-shoot Warner Bros. remake of The Poseidon Adventure. It’s the same plot as the cult-fave 1972 disaster movie — when a tidal wave capsizes a cruise ship, the survivors struggle to climb to the bottom of the upside-down ocean liner. But the characters are a little different, according to the Hollywood Reporter. For instance, Richard Dreyfuss is playing a gay man who split with his longtime partner shortly before the cruise. Kurt Russell is a former fireman traveling with his daughter (Phantom of the Opera‘s Emmy Rossum) and her boyfriend (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants‘ Mike Vogel). Sweet Home Alabama‘s Josh Lucas is aboard as a ship-hopping gambler. Homicide‘s Andre Braugher is in talks to play the Poseidon’s captain. Screenwriters Mark Protosevich (The Cell ) and Akiva Goldsman have based their script on Paul Gallico’s novel. Directing is Wolfgang Petersen, who you’d think would have had enough of maritime disasters after The Perfect Storm, not to mention his submarine classic Das Boot. Shooting begins June 18 at the Warner Bros. studio lot.

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