Plan jells for seventh ''Sopranos'' season. One idea: adding six episodes to the shooting schedule and airing a mini-season, a la ''Sex and the City''
James Gandolfini

Proving how difficult it is to get out of the Family, David Chase appears ever closer to agreeing to shoot a seventh season of The Sopranos. After endless denials that the HBO drama would last beyond the currently shooting Season 6, Chase acknowledged a couple weeks ago that he may have too much storyline to wrap up in the coming season. TV Guide is reporting that series creator Chase and HBO are mulling a scenario that would involve adding about six episodes to the end of the current production schedule and airing a shortened final season after Season 6, just as HBO’s Sex and the City did when it wrapped last year. That would mean Sopranos fans would have to endure a wait of only a few months between seasons, instead of the nearly two years that will have elapsed by the time Season 6 premieres in March 2006. Chase has said Season 6 will focus on the corrupting effects of money and materialism on Tony and Carmela’s family. Of course, if it takes a little money for HBO to persuade Chase and his cast to bring the show back for another season, then we say corrupt away.

James Gandolfini
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