''Fight for Fame'' and ''I Want to Be a Hilton'' are some other shows coming out this month

By EW Staff
Updated June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fight for Fame (E!, June 5) Five struggling actors compete to win a rep from a big-time talent agency.

Corwin’s Quest (Animal Planet, June 15) Jeff Corwin — How many shows does this guy get? — is back, talkin’ to the animals.

Wildfire (ABC Family, June 20) It’s The O.C. with horses as a troubled girl moves to a ranch in New Mexico.

I Want to Be a Hilton (NBC, June 21) Kathy Hilton attempts to Pygmalionize 14 uncouth contestants. Do the Hiltons have a pet hamster? A charismatic houseplant? We’re pretty sure they’re due for a reality series.

The Andy Milonakis Show (MTV, June 26) The former Jimmy Kimmel Live regular hangs out in his apartment, making short films involving inanimate objects. Sounds creepy.