''Venus & Serena'' and ''The Princess of Malibu'' are some of the reality shows scheduled to premiere this month

By EW Staff
Updated June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

The ’70s House (MTV; July 5) Like PBS’ Colonial House, only with beanbag chairs and lava lamps.

Mind of Mencia (Comedy Central; July 6) Comedian Carlos Mencia aims his aggressive humor at current events in this new talk show.

The Princes of Malibu (Fox; July 10) In this reality-com, music producer David Foster clashes with his two freeloading stepsons.

Venus & Serena: For Real (ABC Family; July 21) Ever wonder what the tennis stars do when they’re not playing tennis? Anyone?

Master Blasters (Sci Fi; July 27) Amateur rocket scientists are put in competition to launch various objects. Does NASA know about this?

Wanted (TNT; July 31) Gary Cole stars in this cop drama about an elite (is there any other kind?) team who chase L.A.’s most wanted fugitives.