''Cattle Drive'' and ''Tommy Lee Goes to College'' are two other reality shows coming to the small screen

Cattle Drive (E!, August 7)
Celebrity offspring compete in cowboy-related tasks. We’re guessing some of the challenges will involve manure. Just a guess.

Battle of the Network Reality Stars (Bravo, August 10)
Five words: Omarosa in a dunk tank. The ’70s classic returns, only this time with reality stars and less dignity. A TV math lesson: less dignity = better television.

Tommy Lee Goes to College (NBC, August 16)
The Mötley Crüe madman enrolls at the University of Nebraska with film crew in tow. If we learned anything from the Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson video, it’s that the man is comfortable on camera.

Starved (FX, August)
Four New Yorkers bond over their eating disorders in this comedy. Finally, bulimia gets its moment in the sitcom sun!