Lorraine Adams recommends a book you have to read -- The ''Harbor'' author touts Jim Lewis's ''The King is Dead''

The King is Dead

Lorraine Adams recommends a book you have to read

Lorraine Adams, author of Harbor (EW’s pick as No. 1 novel of 2004), recommends Jim Lewis’ The King Is Dead.

The King Is Dead is like nothing else. It’s a historical novel, a political novel, a family novel, an experimental novel, a romance, a parable, a mystery. It’s about Hollywood, New York, the South, country music, city lights. It’s about sin, love, death, redemption, and strange wonders that usually can’t be described or named well, but somehow, in Lewis’ hands, emerge cleaned off and vivid. Lewis has a breath-robbing way with language. He has an originality that feels necessary, not calculated. His intelligence exalts all it touches — even in this novel’s worst moral corners and ambits, there is a concentration of insight that is raw and holy and, yes, guilty fun to read.

The King is Dead
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