MTV, July 21, 10 p.m.

Starring Drumline‘s Nick Cannon What It’s About A hip-hop improv comedy show in which host Cannon and a guest star (e.g., Method Man, Kanye West) each head up a team of comedians who face off in wacky games — like taking scene suggestions from the audience or engaging in a freestyle rap battle. ”It’s like 8 Mile, but with jokes,” says Cannon. What to Expect Creator Cannon wants to put a fresh spin on the improv genre (and he’s got a DJ in the house to prove it). ”I don’t think they were saying ‘Bitch’ on Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” he says. ”Putting celebrities in awkward situations and having them improv off the top of their heads is totally unique. I like to compare it to the Dean Martin and Carol Burnett stuff where they would bring their friends on and put them on the spot.” Why We’re Optimistic We’re all for celebs stretching their comedy muscles — the more uncomfortably, the better. ”When somebody’s really good at improv, that’s entertaining, but it’s not as much fun,” says Cannon. ”We thrive on people not being good.”