June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Starring Detroit Lions defensive lineman Shaun Cody What It’s About The series, which filmed earlier this year, follows nine real sports agents as they compete, Apprentice-style, to represent Cody in last April’s NFL draft. ”A lot of guys I know had already fired their first agents,” says Cody about his decision to shop for his rep on TV. ”They said, ‘You should definitely do [the show], it’ll probably teach you more than we knew.”’ What to Expect Sorry, no eating 15 percent of cow bladders or crying at the most romantic Rose Bowl ceremony ever. The eight-episode series features challenges like wooing Cody’s family, striking promotional deals, and negotiating for big paydays. ”Historically, nobody has liked the agent,” says cocreator and longtime agent Jack Bechta. ”We’re the ones who get accused of raising ticket prices and holding guys out of camp. . .. We get beat up — and sometimes that’s proof that we’re doing our job.” Why We’re Optimistic Reality TV is full of amateur greedheads. Finally, some professionals can show us how it’s really done.

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