June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Starring Hulk Hogan and family What It’s About The former wrestling megastar displays his kinder, gentler side in this reality entry, which shows him grappling with another fearsome foe — parenthood. What to Expect When not secretly placing a tracking device on the car to follow 17-year-old daughter Brooke on a date, Hogan takes the whole family — including wife Linda and 14-year-old son Nick — on a ”12-hour nightmare” of a bus trip to Key West. ”People are locked into this one-dimensional view that Hulk Hogan is just a wrestler with a bald head that screams and body-slams people,” says the Hulkster. ”This Hulk Hogan thing is just a job. People don’t realize that I go to the soccer games, play frisbee on the beach, watch The Lion King and start crying. . .” Why We’re Optimistic This has ”unexpectedly touching Osbournes-like freak show” written all over it.

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