VH1, July 10, 10 p.m.

Starring Hulk Hogan and family What It’s About The former wrestling megastar displays his kinder, gentler side in this reality entry, which shows him grappling with another fearsome foe — parenthood. What to Expect When not secretly placing a tracking device on the car to follow 17-year-old daughter Brooke on a date, Hogan takes the whole family — including wife Linda and 14-year-old son Nick — on a ”12-hour nightmare” of a bus trip to Key West. ”People are locked into this one-dimensional view that Hulk Hogan is just a wrestler with a bald head that screams and body-slams people,” says the Hulkster. ”This Hulk Hogan thing is just a job. People don’t realize that I go to the soccer games, play frisbee on the beach, watch The Lion King and start crying. . .” Why We’re Optimistic This has ”unexpectedly touching Osbournes-like freak show” written all over it.