June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Starring Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock What It’s About Average Americans (starting with Spurlock himself) are put in unfamiliar — and uncomfortable — situations for 30 days. Cameras roll. What to Expect In the premiere episode, Spurlock and his fiancée, Alex, pull a Nickel and Dimed by moving to Columbus, Ohio, giving up all of their money and credit cards, and living on minimum wage for a month. After that, the series focuses on Spurlock’s personal lab rats — like a fundamentalist Christian from West Virginia who moves in with a Muslim family to worship Allah. ”We look at different societal issues in America that we need to be thinking about, and we deal with them in a fun way,” says Spurlock. ”We take someone out of their lives and put them in a situation that is the antithesis of how they live, and force them to examine the prejudices they live with.” Why We’re Optimistic 30 Days may sound heavy, but Spurlock has proven adept at making social-issues medicine taste like popcorn.

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