June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW grades previews of new summer shows

Summer has barely arrived and the networks are already gassing up the fall hype machine. ABC, NBC, and Fox took advantage of captive viewers during sweeps by offering peeks at a few of their high-profile shows. (No, we’re not talking about Dancing With the Stars.) Here’s a roundup of the best and the one with aliens.

INVASION The aliens are coming to ABC! Luckily, there always seem to be precocious children around to warn the dumb adults. What starts out looking like a trailer for Twister 2 degenerates into people yelling and bad CGI images of an alien invasion. Steven Spielberg, you need not worry. C+

FATHOM The sea creatures are coming to NBC! Luckily, there always seem to be precocious children to warn the dumb adults. Hmm. This kinda-creepy, kinda-goofy spot alludes to some sort of sea monster that makes star Lake Bell flex every one of her frown lines. B

PRISON BREAK The best of the promo bunch. Without revealing too much, the Fox clip touches on bank robberies, rooftop snipers, and Robin Tunney! From what we can gather, Wentworth Miller plays a dude who purposely gets himself arrested. What?! Has the man not seen Oz? A-

COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF From the aggressively patriotic music to the reverent shots of star Geena Davis, this ABC promo has West Wing wannabe written all over it. But the star of Earth Girls Are Easy as the president? I guess if the Terminator can be governor. . .Anyway, Davis is really tall. C

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