EW chats with ''O.C.'' guest star Billy Campbell -- The actor talks about his newest stint on USA's sci-fi hit, ''The 4400''

Once and Again‘s Billy Campbell has just finished a stint as alcoholic magazine editor Carter Buckley, the latest threat to Kirsten and Sandy Cohen’s marriage on The O.C. And when he returns to TV he’ll be a possible threat to universal order as Jordan Collier, the dashingly creepy leader of a group of people who vanished — then returned with superpowers — on the second season of USA’s The 4400 (June 5, 9 p.m.). Which did he like better? Let’s just say he prefers special powers to editing prowess.

Carter or Jordan?

Carter meant well. I don’t think he was actively seeking to destroy anyone’s marriage. Jordan is a different cup of tea, you know? He’s just creepy. And that’s definitely more fun to play.

Family drama or sci-fi?

Sci-fi can be silly, but then again family drama can be sappy. I just prefer doing things that are reasonably well written.

Beard or no beard?

Oh, right, ”You had the exact same facial hair on both.” It was actually a condition of joining The O.C. that they allowed me to grow a beard, because I needed one for The 4400 and my time on both overlapped. But either way, I am fond of the beard.

Orange County socialites or mysterious superbeings who returned to Earth in an alien-type ship?

I would much prefer hanging out with aliens themselves than people from Orange County. To tell you the truth, I think a lot of people from Orange County are aliens.