EW recommends tracks by Robert Plant, Laura Cantrell, Son Volt, and Foreign Born

By EW Staff
Updated June 06, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

?ROBERT PLANT continues his impressive comeback with a sinewy live version of the Led Zep bruiser ”When the Levee Breaks.” The bluesy take holds up even without John Bonham’s signature stomp. ITUNES.COM

?Country-tinged coffeehouse fave LAURA CANTRELL takes a stroll down NYC’s ”14th Street” on her new single. Aching and lovely, the song confesses a bittersweet one-way romance from afar. MATADORRECORDS.COM

?Just when you thought they were ”Going, Going, Gone,” roots rockers SON VOLT are back with a best-of comp and a new CD due this summer. Celebrate with this Dylan cover the band recorded in ’96. MUSIC.YAHOO.COM

?Mix some totally ’80s synths with the Strokes’ unflappable cool and you’ve got FOREIGN BORN. The L.A. upstarts offer ”We Had Pleasure,” a riveting peek at their upcoming debut EP. FOREIGNBORNMUSIC.COM