Do U2's Vertigo tour duds hit or miss -- We analyze whether the ''Achtung Baby'' band's new low-key fashion makes the grade

Being a rock star means never having to say you’re sorry about past fashion blunders. Still, on U2’s current Vertigo tour, the dudes from Dublin continue to eschew their Pop-era garishness and stupid hats — well, most of them eschew stupid hats?in favor of something more understated. Did they finally find the fashion they were looking for? We, of course, have an opinion.


The man who was MacPhisto barely strays from a black and red color scheme over the course of four costume changes. But it’s the little touches — a white headband spelling out ”CoeXisT” in religious symbols, a goose-stepping-soldier outfit (and stupid hat) for the Achtung Baby encore — that prove the slightly absurd show must go on. B-


The skullcapped guitarist makes the one true misstep (we’ll just chalk Bono’s accessory choices up to his being, you know, Bono): His long-sleeved tees are tie-dyed in drab gray stripes, making him look like he slept on a city steam grate. Come to think of it, we kinda miss the flash of that old ”Mr. the Edge” shirt. C


Wearing black-collared shirts and trusty cargo pants, the bassist aims for comfort over fashion, and that’s a good thing (considering his old blaze-orange jumpsuits). One note: He and the Edge seem to have relinquished their eyewear, giving Bono’s Bulgari shades a monopoly. We miss Clayton’s cute-geek rims. B


Black shirt. Black pants. Drumsticks. Muscles. Sigh. A