Ashley Olsen goes solo as fashion cover girl. She appears without Mary-Kate on a magazine cover for the first time, thanks to Harper's Bazaar
Ashley Olsen
Credit: Ashley Olsen: Paul Skipper/AP

Still can’t tell the Olsens apart? Harper’s Bazaar can. For its July issue, the fashion magazine has given Ashley Olsen her first solo magazine cover; no offense to twin sister Mary-Kate, but Harper’s thinks Ashley is ”Fashion’s New ‘It’ Girl.” Inside, according to excerpts published in USA Today, Ashley offers such style maxims as, ”Dressing up is all about fun. My idea of the highest compliment is ‘adorable.”’

The Olsens, who turn 19 on June 13, have famously spun their TV and movie fame into a zillion-dollar brand that includes their mary-kateandashley clothing line. Since they began their freshman year at New York University last fall, they’ve been photographed wearing seemingly random outfits of thrift-store threads. Christian Dior designer John Galliano has reportedly cited them as an influence on his fall collection.

”I honestly don’t know why we started dressing like that,” Ashley tells Harper’s. ”We like wearing big, oversized things and it gets photographed. New York weather allows you to layer a lot.” But it costs a lot of money to look that frugal. ”I’ve always chosen the outfit that was the most expensive. I’m really good at that,” she jokes. (For the record, her favorite designers include Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Stella McCartney, and Calvin Klein.)

Ashley’s interest in fashion has included a recent internship with designer Zac Posen; Mary-Kate interned with Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibovitz. ”We support each other always,” Ashley says of her sister. ”We’ve always had differences. It’s just that now, for the first time, the public is starting to see it that way.” Well, magazine editors, anyway.