Snoop Dogg and others assaulted me on stage, fan says. Seattle concertgoer says he was beaten by the rapper and his guards after being invited on stage
Snoop Dogg
Credit: Snoop Dogg: Robert E. Klein/AP/Wide World

It’s understandable that Snoop Dogg and The Game are zealous about their own security; both rappers have been targeted by unknown gunmen in recent years. But one Seattle concertgoer, who says Snoop invited him to hop on stage during a performance on Saturday, says the rappers and their bodyguards crossed the line, beating him so hard that his eyes were swollen shut, as well as swiping his jewelry, his cell phone, and his wallet. Snoop’s publicist, however, said that the man, 24-year-old Richard Monroe, was not invited on stage, and that Snoop and his posse did nothing improper in protecting the rapper from a 6-foot-3 man they regarded as a potential security threat.

The incident, captured on local TV cameras, took place at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Wash., on one of the final stops of the How the West Was One tour, featuring rappers Snoop, Game, and Oowee. Monroe told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that Snoop had beckoned him to come dance on stage during the song ”Gin and Juice.” When Monroe approached him from behind, the guards stepped in and, Monroe said, began to beat and kick him repeatedly. Relatives of Monroe who attended the show said Snoop hit him with a microphone; another fan, Thatcher Marshall, told the paper that Game and Oowee participated in the melee as well.

Monroe said his attackers ripped out his diamond earrings, took his jewelry, watch, cell phone, and wallet, and poured alcohol on him. He was taken to the Auburn Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for bruised ribs, a broken nose, and a split lip, his family said. The Post-Intellegencer photographed him Sunday when his eyes were swollen shut. Kings County sheriffs said they took Monroe’s statement and were investigating the incident, though no arrests have been made.

Officials at the venue painted a different picture. ”Apparently there was a gentleman on stage who was not part of the band who crept up behind Snoop and tried to put his arm around him, and at that time, Snoop’s personal bodyguards intervened and carried him off the stage,” White River rep Susan Almore told MTV News. On Tuesday, Snoop’s publicist, Meredith O’Sullivan, issued a statement, saying, ”Any person who jumps on stage at a concert has to be interpreted as a security threat and an immediate risk to both the performers on stage as well as the fans in the audience. Once a breach of security has been made, authorities are forced to take the proper measures to ensure safety.”

The Washington concert ended abruptly after the incident, and fears of violence may have led to the cancellation of one of the remaining shows on the tour. According to MTV News, Ticketmaster says the June 3 date in Hartford, Conn., has been canceled.