Bill Nunn, Denis Leary, ...
Credit: The Job: ©ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection

Pity The Job. Maybe if it had debuted on ABC once the network had achieved its post-Desperate Housewives/Lost cool factor as opposed to when it was mired in a pathetic post-Who Wants to Be a Millionaire slump, the show could have actually made it to 20 episodes…but probably not. Setting a comedy around a politically incorrect pill-popping adulterer (Denis Leary) just doesn’t scream mainstream success. Too bad, because The Job — which followed a group of deviant police detectives — was downright side-splitting. Watching Leary tell his partner to allow a fleeing wheelchair-bound suspect to get a head start just to ”make it interesting” may be wrong, but it feels so damn right.

EXTRAS A gag reel and on-set cast interviews (”You kind of have to gear up everyday for the fraternity element of it,” says lone female cop Diane Farr in perhaps the understatement of the year) are accompanied by Leary and co-creator Peter Tolan basically just laughing their way through five commentary tracks. I don’t blame them.