Jamie Foxx: Straight from the Foxxhole

Before he was Ray, Foxx was just another comic trying to break into the biz. So it?s no surprise that his 1993 HBO special, Jamie Foxx: Straight From the Foxxhole, is being released just as we?ve attached the adjective ?Oscar-winner? to his name. With topical humor covering cultural oddities as various as Rodney King and David Koresh, his standup routine would have been a great purchase twelve years ago. In Living Color fans will still get a chuckle out of his cross-eyed, loose-lipped character Wanda and his startlingly dead-on impression of Bill Cosby. But with its outdated material, this special doesn?t come close to showcasing the powerful talent he would later display on the big screen as a ”serious” actor (Booty Call notwithstanding). EXTRAS None, but at the end of his routine, Foxx boasts some real singing and piano playing chops, performing cuts from Peep This, his R&B album.

Jamie Foxx: Straight from the Foxxhole
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