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Which DVDs have the best deleted scenes?

Deleted scenes are almost always pretty terrible. Which DVDs have ones you think should have made the theatrical release? — Craig
There are some cases — like Alien (when Ripley torches the cocoon) or Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Michael Biehn lives! Well, kinda) — where intense and interesting stuff has been reincorporated into alternate cuts of the movie. But as far as pure deleted scenes go, yeah, most of them are junk. Both the Criterion and special-edition versions of This Is Spinal Tap, however, feature over an hour of mostly top-notch material (so that’s where the cold sores came from!). And although Boogie Nights was already pretty damn long at 155 minutes, hilarious exorcised scenes with Mark Wahlberg (with some genius ad-libbing), Luis Guzmán (tackling performance anxiety), and Don Cheadle (discussing faulty stereo equipment) show that maybe it wasn’t long enough.

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