The Washingtonienne

As thinly veiled as the breasts gracing its cover, Jessica Cutler’s roman à clef, The Washingtonienne, follows 25-year-old Jacqueline Turner, who moves to Washington, D.C., determined to live up to the old L’Oréal motto — ”Because I’m worth it.” Turner, who wears a mink to her internship in a Senate office, beds down several influential men, including one married ”agency chief of staff” who pays for her company. But just like Cutler, who was fired from her Capitol Hill job in 2004 for writing a blog about similar sexploits under the pseudonym Washingtonienne, Turner can’t help but kiss-and-post. What’s really shocking isn’t the heroine’s devil-may-care attitude or the raunchy sex scenes, but Cutler’s shamelessly bad prose (”Even if I was ending up in a hotel room with freaky perverts like Paul, at least it got me out of the house”). The reader, it seems, isn’t worth the effort.

The Washingtonienne
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