Q&A with ''Boogeyman'' star Emily Deschanel -- The actress and Zooey's sister talks about the surprising success of the horror film

The star of Boogeyman — and Zooey’s big sis — chats with EW.

Were you surprised that the movie opened so huge?
I was shocked. I never saw it till it came out. There was no premiere or anything, so I went with a bunch of friends.

You actually get to say, ”Hello, anybody home?”
I know! My friend was like, Did you get to do any classic horror scenes? And I was like, Yes, I get to do a scene where I walk through the house and say, ”HELLO? Is anybody home?” [Laughs]

I didn’t think a PG-13 movie could be scary.
I don’t find it scary. I watch it and I’m like, That was the day we played a practical joke on the camera assistant. But my sister had to sleep with the lights on!

You and Zooey aren’t like Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland, are you? They didn’t speak.
Really? That’s terrible. But no. We’re going to a Ben Lee concert tonight. We’re really close.

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