Pocahontas was the first animated film based on a character that really existed and had a history we had to deal with,” producer James Pentecost brags in a commentary. They dealt with that history by chucking nearly every known fact about the Native American princess in what Disney history books will record as their most infamous sop to correctness. No angle is spared: Funny animals for the kids! Anti-imperialist themes for the Montessori kids! Yearning show tunes for the gays! A hottie heroine who makes dads want their own princess party! For all that cross-patronization, it’s also a feast for the eyes?so much that it’s heartbreaking to think this was near the end of Disney’s lavish 2-D era, even if its preachiness helped send folks fleeing to Pixar. EXTRAS The best bonus is a third-act romantic duet (yes, Mel Gibson sings) that never should’ve been cut. Archival material includes early sketches of a less Playboy-esque Pocahontas and a fun Glen Keane demo on drawing her face vs. Ariel’s. But don’t expect any ”Disney vs. reality” charts.

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  • 81 minutes