Oasis's new album borrows much from other artists -- We analyze the most obvious musical influences on ''Don't Believe the Truth''

Don't Believe the Truth

The Manchester magpies used to be content with ”paying homage” to the Beatles, but if their Don’t Believe the Truth (out May 31) is any indication, they’ve finally wandered out of the ”B” aisle of the record store for inspiration elsewhere. A guide to the most obvious, shall we say, ”loving tributes” from their new album.

”MUCKY FINGERS” The atonal piano, insistent beats, and choppy chords summon images of a drug deal. Which makes sense. It took us a full minute to realize we weren’t listening to the Velvet Underground’s ”I’m Waiting for the Man.”

”PART OF THE QUEUE” The carnival-like swirl pretty much recalls the entirety of Elliott Smith’s catalog — particularly ”Miss Misery” and ”Waltz #2 (XO)” — but what really rushes to mind is the Stranglers’ ”Golden Brown.”

”LYLA” No, it’s not the Kinks’ ”Lola.” Noel Gallagher looked to Led Zeppelin’s ”Friends” for this tune’s ringing opening chords. And you may be tempted to croon the Stones’ ”Street Fighting Man” to brother Liam’s plaintive vocals.

”GUESS GOD THINKS I’M ABEL” The identity of this tune’s sinuous opening riff eluded us until a black light went off in our heads: It’s Black Sabbath’s ”Paranoid,” played at half speed. (Wonder what God thinks of that?)

Don't Believe the Truth
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