A new Stanley Kubrick coffee table book is out -- ''The Stanley Kubrick Archives'' culls stills from 12 of the ''Dr. Strangelove'' director's films

The Stanley Kubrick Archives

Any Dr. Strangelove or 2001: A Space Odyssey fan will go pie-eyed over the 544-page, monolith-size coffee-table book The Stanley Kubrick Archives. Edited by Alison Castle, it culls from the late director’s personal vaults 800 stills from 12 of his films — including the shot above of Strangelove’s war-room pie-fight scene, which Kubrick cut because he deemed it too farcical — as well as hundreds of previously unreleased pics, dozens of essays, and material from three films he never got to make (A.I., Napoleon, and Aryan Papers). Bonus treat: a 70-minute CD of an interview in which Kubrick audibly (and insouciantly) lights a cigarette while discussing his first documentary.

The Stanley Kubrick Archives
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