Mick Jagger's ex gets a new reality program -- 12 suitors vie for former supermodel Jerry Hall's hand in marriage

Blowsy ex-supermodels need love too — or at least a hunk who’ll be at their beck and call for an entire year. That’s the premise behind Jerry Hall’s new VH1 reality show, Kept (premiering May 29), in which 12 suitors fly to London to vie for her hand in unwedded bliss. The 48-year-old mother of four (with Jagger) rang EW from her NYC hotel room with all the juicy details.

”I had been asked to be on Big Brother, but I could never bear the idea of being locked in a room and watched. That’s hideous. But a producer from VH1 came to see me when I was touring with The Graduate playing Mrs. Robinson, and he thought that I should do a reality competition with 12 young guys. I suggested that they choose small-town guys whom I would train and turn into sophisticated gentlemen. They all had to have a complete makeover, because I wanted them to look like Sean Connery as James Bond. Then they had etiquette lessons, because they didn’t even know how to use a knife and a fork. I mean, didn’t their mothers teach them anything?! They were really stupid [laughs]! And since I love art, they had to [paint] each other nude. . .just because that’s fun. I figured if they were up for being kept, they’d have to do anything I said. It was fun to have all the power. I felt like Pygmalion, molding and creating these guys. I did talk to Mick about the show. I don’t know that he relished the idea, but he was supportive. The minute I told him, he joked, ‘Oh, they’ve asked me to do one with 30 16-year-olds!’ and I said, ‘No. Absolutely not.’ I was just looking for a good time. I’m single. I’m dating. Love can happen any time. I hope someday I will fall in love. But I haven’t. . .yet.”