EW takes a look at Will Ferrell's ab flab -- We review all the places we have seen the ''Anchorman'' star's un-crunched mid-section

Long before he played shirtless tetherball with Robert Duvall in Kicking & Screaming, Will Ferrell was teaching us the comic value of the conspicuously un-crunched man-middle: We first caught a glimpse of his fab ab flab on Saturday Night Live, courtesy of such indelible roles as Man With Thong and Man With Cowbell. Then in Old School‘s streaking scene, he wore the wiggling wages of frat life like a badge of honor. More recently, Anchorman established Ferrell unequivocally as America’s top purveyor of uncalled-for male toplessness. We don’t know how he’s kept his figure so remarkably consistent, but we’re guessing Easy Cheese.