EW reviews ''The Steve McQueen Collection'' -- We take a closer look at the action star's new DVD box set

The Steve McQueen Collection

EW reviews ”The Steve McQueen Collection”

Minimalist in speech, maxed out on macho, Steve McQueen was known more as the poster child for cool than as a bona fide thespian. But his suave virility usually overshadowed his limited craft, as with star-making roles in director John Sturges’ Great Escape and Magnificent Seven — the highlights of MGM’s mixed boxed set. The insouciance that serves him so well as Escape‘s motorbiking WWII POW and Seven‘s upstart gunslinger is sorely lacking, however, in Junior Bonner, a slow and bloodless rodeo drama from Sam Peckinpah. And while McQueen works overtime in Norman Jewison’s original Thomas Crown Affair, which costars Faye Dunaway as his notoriously erotic chess partner, the plot is too slight. EXTRAS A short but dense making-of doc on Seven reinforces the McQueen legend, as costars share anecdotes about the scene-stealer’s attempts to make the most of his 75 lines. Escape‘s 24-minute doc is equally compact and compelling, but the moderated commentary among three historians on Bonner and Jewison’s apologetic remarks (”I never felt there was enough story”) on Affair are snoozefests. Escape: A
Seven: B+
Bonner: C
Affair: C+

The Steve McQueen Collection
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