EW looks back at Linsday Lohan's first role -- We watch the ''Herbie: Reloaded'' star in her pre-teen role as twins in ''The Parent Trap''

The Parent Trap: Special Double Trouble Edition is saccharine family fun, but the DVD is more fascinating as a cultural artifact to the fleeting promise of fame. An interview with sunny 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan serves as an unnerving reminder of the Star-mag spectacle’s fresh-faced beginnings. Before the overripe faux tan and overflowing bodaciousness (and subsequent extreme weight loss) turned into tabloid fodder, an undeniable talent burst forth with Lohan’s film debut as long-lost twins — one sis a prim Brit, the other a naughty NorCal gal. A behind-the-scenes featurette on how filmmakers cloned the starlet punctuates the precocious grace with which she throws herself into both characters — quite the antithesis to recent rumors of on-set tantrums by a party-hopping diva.

The Parent Trap
  • Movie
  • 128 minutes