EW grades this year's finales -- We wrap up the best and worst in TV's season-enders

EW grades this year’s finales

Didn’t watch ’em yet? Don’t read! EW sums up and grades the season enders and the cliffs we now hang on.

Wrap-Up Jack saves us. . .again. But botching the Chinese consulate mission means we don’t know Jack as he takes on a new identity and goes into hiding. Pivotal Scene Jack almost dies. It’s a heart-stopper as Tony plunges a syringe into Bauer’s chest, bringing him back to life. Cliff Note Jack makes a run for the border. A-

Wrap-Up Four funerals (and then some), plus a wedding. Mrs. Garret ties the knot and Swearengen bargains for free elections. Pivotal Scene Wu wallops his Chinese rival but good. And Calamity Jane wears a dress! Cliff Note RIP Cy Tolliver? The dandy pimp gets a blade in the belly from a preacher man. A

Wrap-Up Paul explains why Mary Alice committed suicide (guilt over baby theft), Lynette heads back to work, and Carlos learns why his lawn was always so well-mowed. Pivotal Scene Bree becomes a Desperate Widow. Cliff Note Zach attack! Susan’s a hostage and Mike’s in the line of fire. B

Wrap-Up After her dad’s funeral, Kirsten’s booze bender finally ends with a family intervention, and off she goes to rehab. Pivotal Scene Ryan and Trey literally butt heads when Trey’s assault on Marissa comes to light. Cliff Note Marissa pulls the trigger on Trey and blood drips all over that tacky apartment. Ewww. C+

Wrap-Up Ms. Mars catches Lilly’s killer (it’s Logan’s dad), learns she never had sex with her half brother, and loses $50,000. Pivotal Scene Veronica’s mom hits the road again while Logan is MIA after a run-in with Weevil. Cliff Note An unseen visitor surprises a pleased Veronica. No, it’s not Ed McMahon. B

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