EW recommends tracks by Mariah Carey, Johnny Cash, Bloc Party, and Amusement Parks on Fire

?Now that MARIAH CAREY has experienced Emancipation, she’s free to commission all the remixes she desires — including this exclusive new spin on her radio hit ”We Belong Together.” ITUNES.COM

?Sun Records, the onetime home to Elvis Presley, is making its vast catalog available digitally. Among the rare gems: a previously unreleased rendition of ”Hey Good Lookin”’ by the dashing JOHNNY CASH. EMUSIC.COM

?Can’t make it out to see BLOC PARTY on tour? Worry not. MUSIC.YAHOO.COM boasts live recordings of two songs — ”This Modern Love” and ”Little Thought” — from the retro-rockers’ breakthrough album, Silent Alarm.

?We can’t vouch for the astrological significance of ”Venus in Cancer.” But we can tell you this poignant acoustic tune by AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE left us a little starry-eyed. FANATICPROMOTION.COM/EW/APOF.MP3