MOVIES Update from our friends at Mission: Impossible 3 — the lovely Michelle Monaghan, who also appears in the Cannes fave Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, has been cast as ”the love interest.” Sorry about that, Linds. . . .In other blockbuster casting news, Topher Grace will join Thomas Haden Church as a villain in Spider-Man 3, set to film early next year. . . .Master of the macabre Clive Barker just opened a new film division, Midnight Picture Show, hoping to bring some ”edge” back to horror movies. ”None of these will be PG-13, let’s put it that way,” he growls (the first flick starts production in the summer). The DR wanted to chat more, but Barker’s dogs were howling in the background and he said, ”The children of the night, what sweet music they make!” and we really had to get off the phone. . . .The Who are setting out to make the definitive band doc, with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey contributing exclusives from their archives, as well as collecting footage and anecdotes from fans through the film’s official website,

TELEVISION Tara Reid wants to gussy up E!’s Wild On by hitting high-class spots like St. Tropez. ”I don’t wanna just be known as a party girl,” Reid says. ”It’s like, if Robin Leach took you on tour, I’d be Robin Leach.” Only not quite as loud. . . .Annabella Sciorra (The Sopranos) will join Chris Noth as the second unit on Law & Order: Criminal Intent next fall. They’ll split time with Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe; each pair will handle 11 eps.

STAGE The long-threatened Apprentice musical is a reality: Donald Trump and producer Mark Burnett have teamed with Broadway kingpins Fran and Barry Weissler (Sweet Charity) to bring the show to the stage. The TV version’s declining ratings haven’t dimmed the enthusiasm of Barry Weissler, who’s already dreaming up a plot. ”It would be wonderful to have the final two contestants be ex-lovers who had broken up and realize they love each other now,” he rhapsodizes. Can’t wait for that Domino’s Pizza dance number: Cheeseburger! Makin’ it right! Cheeseburger! Pizza all night!