Paris Hilton's burger commercial is ''basically soft porn,'' says the Parents Television Council; Carl's Jr. says the group is overreacting
Paris Hilton
Credit: Paris Hilton: Jeff Vespa/

A television watchdog group has sounded the alarm over a new ad that features Simple Life star Paris Hilton, according to wire service reports. The provocative spot for fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. features a bikini-clad Hilton hosing down both a shiny new Bentley and herself. Oh, and there’s a hamburger in there somewhere too.

”The ad crosses any sort of boundaries about what’s appropriate for TV,” said Parents Television Council spokeswoman Melissa Caldwell. ”[It’s] basically soft porn.” Not so hot: The council planned to mobilize its 1 million members for the cause. The controversy seemed to manifest itself on Wall Street Tuesday, as stock in CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr.’s parent company) fell 33 cents a share.

”There is no nudity in this ad. This isn’t Janet Jackson’s nipple,” said Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE. ”It’s just a fast-food ad. I wish they would focus on something that might be more meaningful.”

Like free publicity, perhaps? In response to the buzz, Carl’s Jr. posted an official website for the ad, where gawkers can decide for themselves if the content is inappropriate by watching the spicy clip over and over and over again.