''Housewives'' pharmacist joins the cast. Roger Bart signs as a permanent villain in season two of ABC's blockbuster soap

Maybe Bree will be taking that trip to Italy after all: Roger Bart, the man who plays her deranged admirer, will join the cast of Desperate Housewives full-time next season, according to a report in Variety. (If you Tivo’d the season finale and haven’t yet watched it, stop reading now).

When we last saw Bart’s character, creepy pharmacist George Williams, he was tampering with the heart medication of Bree’s husband Rex (Steven Culp), inviting her on a European vacation, and breaking into the couple’s home. In the Housewives season finale, Bree (Marcia Cross) received word that Rex had died of a heart attack, although his corpse was never shown on camera, but whether the show’s writers plan to put George on trial or develop his relationship with Wisteria Lane’s most uptight resident remains to be seen.

The Housewives announcement continues a boffo year for Bart, who’ll also be seen in the big-screen version of The Producers in December.

Meanwhile, Housewives‘ Sunday-night competitor, NBC’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent, will also have a new cast member when it returns in September. Annabella Sciorra will pair up with Chris Noth to try to solve 11 of the season’s 22 crimes, alternating episodes with the show’s original stars, Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.

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