Extra ''Sopranos'' season called ''possible.'' Show's creator says new episodes will focus on money and materialism
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The sixth season of The Sopranos, due early next year, will be its final one, according to series creator David Chase.

Well, probably.

Reuters reported that audience members at a forum sponsored by The New Yorker magazine and the Newhouse School at Syracuse University grilled Chase about the possibility of a seventh season, to which he responded, ”No. No more.” He then admitted, however, that he wouldn’t have to tweak the show’s story line much to continue the saga of Mob boss Tony Soprano and his family. ”It is possible,” he said.

Chase further cracked the door by explaining his decision will hinge on ”a question of whether the story works out creatively in six seasons, which I think it will. Then we probably shouldn’t do a seventh.”

Either way, Chase has settled on a direction for new episodes. ”I started thinking about what are these people really about, what are they really after. It’s going to be about money and about materialism, buying stuff, consumerism,” he said. ”That’s all they care about. All that stuff helps them not to think about larger issues. I notice that myself. When I go shopping, I feel better. It’s like a high.”

More importantly, though, can audiences expect any shocking Mob-style executions? ”We do have that machine that sprays blood on the wall,” Chase joked.

Reuters noted that Chase added he was happy his Emmy-winning series didn’t end up on network television. ”It would have been a plane crash of differing expectations,” he said, arguing that the networks glorify authority ”in an attempt to convince the American people that life isn’t tragic, that everything works out and all those cops and all those firemen and all those judges and all those doctors, they really care.”

Of course, Chase wasn’t referring to those earnest, sexy surgical interns on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. At least we sure hope he wasn’t. They seem like such nice kids.

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