Dave Chappelle, Chappelle's Show
Credit: CHAPPELLE'S SHOW: Comedy Central

That long, blipping noise you hear is your TiVo sighing in relief: With the much-delayed release of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 Uncensored here at last, you can finally tidy up your over-clogged DVR, safe in the knowledge that such insta-classic bits as the Rick James biog and the game-show send-up ”I Know Black People” are permanently preserved. Despite a few too many toilet jokes, the 13-episode run managed to jolt the near-dead sketch-comedy format back to life, infusing it with intelligence, anger, and a pop-culture awareness that never resorted to lazy parody. (Need a reminder of just how funny it got? One word: pancakes.) But since this collection may be the last we get from Dave Chappelle for a while because of his recent personal problems, watching these three discs is ultimately a bittersweet experience.

EXTRAS Some solid between-sketch banter, a bunch of so-so deleted moments (including some great Dave-as-Prince hoop moves), and a few extended Charlie Murphy monologues. The can’t-miss highlight is the commentary for the infamous ”I’m Rick James, bitch!” segment, in which a still-shocked Chappelle and cocreator Neal Brennan explain how what began as an on-the-fly bit turned into a zeitgeist-defining catchphrase machine.