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By EW Staff
Updated May 23, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Summer Lovin’

EW comes through again featuring the three movies of the summer that I’m most looking forward to on the cover. I always love your incredible coverage of summer movies, from the blockbusters to the indies and foreign films. You leave no stone unturned, and as a movie lover I’m most grateful. As for this summer’s releases, let’s just say my wallet is going to take a real beating.
New York City

This summer, while most people are enjoying the hot weather outside, I will be in an air-conditioned theater watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or another of the many summer movies I have been anticipating. While others show off their tans, I will show off the natural green glow achieved from hours in front of a movie screen, and it’s all thanks to you, EW! The double issue had plenty of information about new movies coming out, great pictures, and a great calendar with the highlighted movies. Thank you for a great issue, and three cheers for movies!
Kingston, Ontario

Off the ‘Bat’

I was luaghing so hard after reading the sentence ”Despite the best efforts of director Joel Schumacher, the franchise lay in smoking ruins” in the Batman Begins preview that I almost couldn’t finish the article (”Bat Outta Hell”). Did Daniel Fierman forget his previous paragraph when he wrote that sentence? Schumacher’s the guy responsible for the pretty-boy sidekick, Arnold’s punishing shtick, and the nipply Batsuit. If anything was responsible for the ”smoking ruins” of the Batman franchise, it was Schumacher’s high-camp approach, one more in keeping with the ’60s TV series, only without the sophisticated humor (note the sarcasm here). He only needed to add jittery camera angles and the occasional animated Pow! and Bam! to make the image complete.
Downey, Calif.

Reynolds Rap

I wanted to commend you on your article about Burt Reynolds (”Still Running”). I admit that although I have never been a huge fan, your piece reminds us why he is one of the great Hollywood success stories: A box office king in his heyday, he had some professional and personal failures in and out of the spotlight, then pulled himself out of the mud and has defiantly refused to become a victim of that unrelenting beast known as Tinseltown. And at age 69, he is still brazenly sexy, tough as nails, and funny as a court jester. To sum him up in two words: movie star.
Mainz, Germany

One Fur the Ages

As a fan who has waited 22 years to see the Wookiees unleashed, I let out a barbaric Wookiee yawp when I saw your centerfold (”Wookiee Galleriee”). While most fans are seeing Episode III — Revenge of the Sith for the lightsaber duels, my chips are in for the Wookiees whooping on their home planet. On behalf of Chewie’s fan club, thanks for the greatest Wookiee photo shoot since Burt Reynolds’ infamous Cosmo spread! Or in Wookiee talk: Wrahhhhhhh!
Arlington, Va.